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5 Hurghada Restaurants You’d Love to Visit

Trying new food is an intrinsic part of any trip. Although Hurghada is famous for the entertainment facilities of the red sea, it’s also the home for many good foods that you don’t want to miss. Hurghada restaurants are diverse, unique and oftentimes, enjoy a wonderful atmosphere.

Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll introduce you to 5 Hurghada restaurants you may want to try on your trip to the Egyptian marvelous city. 

1.    Star Fish, the best among Hurghada restaurants

Hurghada Restaurants
Sea food

It’s a seafood restaurant located on Sheraton Road. Star Fish is a big-sized restaurant that allows you to choose between the fresh catches of the same day. You merely determine the kinds of fish, quantity and way of cooking, whether steamed, grilled or fried, then they take it from here. 

They have all kinds of fish ranging from shrimps, calamari, crab, to local fish that is only found in Hurghada.

They serve salads, soups, and side dishes along with your seafood meal.

2.      Om Yassin Kitchen

Authentic food

You can’t travel to Egypt without trying its authentic food which could easily be found in Hurghada restaurants. 

Om Yassin Kitchen is an Egyptian cuisine located in El Kawthar. What’s unique about this restaurant is that it serves real Egyptian food cooked by an Egyptian mom, as “Om Yassin” means in English “Yassin’s mom”.

It serves home-cooked meals such as fattah, vine leaves, stuffed pigeon, grilled chicken and macaroni bechamel.

3.      The Grill

Oriental food

The Grill is one of Hurghada restaurants that serve oriental food. It’s located in Downtown.

It offers a wide range of food options and desserts belonging to the Egyptian, Barbecue, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.

The price range is very affordable, starting with EGP 38.

It has vegetarian and vegan dishes in addition to Gluten-Free Options.

4.      Moby Dick restaurant


Moby Dick is a classy restaurant located in Sheraton. It’s a steak place that is perfect for a night out.

It’s known for its delicious Camel meat steak. However, it’s quite expensive and fully booked most days. So, you might need to make some arrangements if you’re planning to visit it.

5.      Saigon

Vietnamese food

Saigon is a Vietnamese restaurant located at Abu Tig Marina. It’s still run by a Vietnamese lady until today.

It serves many delicious dishes such as peanut curry with coconut milk, garlic rice, and steamed fish with glass noodles and mushrooms.

Furthermore, it has always been known its duck made with orange or honey. 

It has both indoor and outdoor seating, with no prior reservation needed.  

Moreover, there’re all types of cuisines in Hurghada restaurants including Italian, Chinese, Thai, and many more. Whatever your taste is, we guarantee you’ll find amazing options to choose from. Most importantly, don’t forget to try authentic Egyptian food at least once during your trip. You’ll not regret it, especially if you’re a foodie.

We wish you a happy trip to Egypt, and would love to hear from you about your favorite Egyptian restaurant whether in or outside Hurghada.

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