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6 of The Best Bahrain’s historical sites to visit

Bahrain’s historical sites are one of the tourist attractions in the Arabian Gulf, so UNESCO has included a large number of Bahrain’s archaeological landmarks to place them on the organization’s World Heritage List. By visiting these sites, you can learn about many things related to Arab history, and this country also includes many other distinctive recreational tourist destinations. Therefore, Bahrain is one of the integrated tourist countries that will provide you with an unparalleled tourist experience, and in this article we will talk about the best Bahrain’s historical sites that you can visit.

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Top Bahrain’s historical sites

If you are a fan of Arab history and are eager to learn about it, visiting Bahrain’s historical sites will help you a lot and fulfill your passion.

Where Bahrain has many amazing historical sites that will help you know a lot of distinctive historical information.

Below we have prepared for you a great list that includes a group of the best Bahrain’s historical sites that you can visit while you are there:

The ancient tombs of Dilmun

Bahrain's historical sites
The ancient tombs of Dilmun

The ancient tombs of Dilmun are among the oldest and most ancient tombs in history, dating back to 3000 BC and are among the most important Bahrain’s historical sites.

The ancient Dilmun burial grounds reflect the history of the ancient Arab civilization, as the burial mounds of the city of A’ali include mummies belonging to the Dilmun royal families.

These ancient tombs also permeate much of the landscape between the cities of Aali and Hamad, as they include about 170,000 mounds of these tombs. 

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Draz Temple

Bahrain's historical sites
Draz Temple

The Duraz Temple is one of the most distinguished temples in the history of the entire Arab civilization, due to its different architectural design, as it is famous for its giant cylindrical columns.

The discovery of the Duraz Temple, to become the best tourist place in Bahrain, is due to the English mission that was sent during the years 1973-1975 to excavate antiquities in Bahrain.

This is according to a protocol of cooperation between Bahrain and England, where the members of the mission concluded that the temple may date back to the third millennium BC.

The Duraz Temple is located in a very special location, which made it one of the most important Bahrain’s historical sites, as it is located on the highway to the city of Budaiya.

Bu Maher Castle

Bahrain's historical sites
Bu Maher Castle

This place is one of the best Bahrain’s historical sites in history, originality and architecture. The site of the castle was identified through a Portuguese document ruled in the year 1635 AD.

By discovering its location directly overlooking the coast of Muharraq Island, it became clear that it consisted of 4 tall towers linked by huge walls of height and thickness, and in the middle of it was a spacious open yard.

This castle played another essential role in the extraction and trade of pearls, as the castle was a fortress to protect divers and merchants from pirate fleets.

Currently, Bu Maher Castle includes some castle halls, antiquities exhibitions, and receives many national and historical celebrations throughout the year.

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Barbar Temple

The Barbar Temple was discovered in the mid-fifties of the last century, in 1954, by a Danish mission, to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries made in Bahrain throughout its history.

The temple was named after the village of Barbar in which it was discovered. It dates back to the Dilmun royal family and is one of the most important Bahrain’s historical sites.

The temple is also distinguished by its distinctive design, and the Danish mission revealed that the general shape of the temple and the monuments and inscriptions it contains mimic the ancient Iraqi civilization.

The eye of Umm Al-Sajour

The eye of Umm Al-Sajour

One of the most important Bahrain’s historical sites, which was the largest fresh water springs in the whole kingdom during the Kingdom of Dilmun period.

This ancient spring is located in the western part of the village of Diraz, and many artifacts and ruins have been discovered near it.

These artifacts date back to more than 2000 BC, most notably two sandstone statues in the form of rams.

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Saar settlement

Among Bahrain’s historical sites notable there is the settlement of Saar, which foreign and local visitors come every year especially to see.

The place is a residential complex, a temple, and a cemetery that takes the form of a circular disc. The settlement dates back to 3 thousand years BC.

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