Best 4 destinations for Manama city tours

If you are planning to do Manama city tours, this city provides you with many unique tourist destinations where you can spend the best enjoyable tours. Where the city of Manama, the capital of Bahrain, is characterized by the diversity of its tourist places between heritage, entertainment, cultural and historical as well, which makes it provide the visitor with a unique trip that suits his different tastes and interests. And in this article, we will provide you with some of the best suitable destinations for you if you want to do Manama city tours, to enjoy your time while you are there.

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Best places for Manama city tours

Manama is the capital of Bahrain, and all the streets of this city are lively and full of history, from its beautiful luxurious homes to the bustling alleys and markets.

Also, this city is considered one of the safest cities in the world, so visitors can feel safe during their trips.

The city of Manama is called the Gate of Bahrain because it stands as a door to the island and is the entrance to the country from the sea. Below we will show you the best places for Manama city tours:

Bahrain National Museum

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Bahrain National Museum

One of the most beautiful places for Manama city tours is the Bahrain National Museum, which is a source of pride for many locals because it presents the history of Bahrain from its inception to the modern era.

This museum also includes the works of young artists, so it takes you in a wonderful maze of pictures and artwork, as well as some discoveries about the Dilmun civilization and the effects of ancient merchants.

The Bahrain National Museum is located along the Bahraini Corniche, so you will certainly lose a lot if you miss visiting this amazing museum, not to mention its beautiful and distinctive shape.

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Ahmed Al-Fateh Mosque

The second most beautiful place for Manama city tours is the Ahmed Al Fateh Mosque, which was built on reclaimed land in 1984 and is the largest mosque in the entire country.

This mosque is able to contain up to seven thousand worshipers, and Italian marble, Austrian glass and teak wood from India were used in its construction process.

It is also carved by local Bahraini artisans and has a wonderful interior design and has dedicated guides to help you take a unique tour of it.

Bab Al Bahrain Market

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Bab Al Bahrain

One of the oldest popular markets in the Arab region, which is a suitable destination for one of the Manama city tours, and contains many narrow alleys and antique shops.

This market represents the heart of the city, and it includes all kinds of distinctive local goods, restaurants, and merchants who sell authentic Bahraini sweets, traditional Arab clothes, and other handicrafts.

  There are also jewelry and gold stores, groceries and spices, so it literally has everything you need and you may or may not think of it.

Bahrain Fort

manama city tours
Bahrain Fort

A visit to Bahrain Fort will inevitably take you on a unique journey through time, and this is because it was basically the cradle of the Dilmun civilization, which is the oldest civilization in the Middle East.

Bahrain Fort was originally built by the Portuguese, to defend their outposts in the Gulf, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There, you can enjoy watching the winding stairs and beautifully carved archways within the walls of the castle, so it is one of the most beautiful destinations for Manama city tours for fans of Arab history.

City Center Bahrain

Among the Manama city tours that you can do and enjoy is also a visit to Bahrain City Center, which is the largest shopping center and the most entertaining and entertainment destination in the country.

It attracts more than fourteen million visitors annually, and it also includes more than 340 international brands and 60 dining outlets.

Therefore, it is an integrated place for family entertainment as it contains the first and largest water park in the Middle East and is located next to two of the most luxurious hotels in the region and the entire country.

And all this makes it one of the most important tourist destinations at all and the most wonderful attractions in the city, and among the most beautiful places where you can take one of the Manama city tours.

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