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Does it snow on Mount Catherine? Best 5 Activities to do

Many would like to know Does it snow on Mount Catherine? And what time does it snow there? In general, Saint Catherine enjoys a special beauty and splendor, which makes it one of the most beautiful and sacred cities in Sinai, due to the important religious sites it possesses. The city also contains a group of famous mountains, to which many come to enjoy the sunrise and sunset scenes on the tops of these mountains. On top of it is Mount Catherine, and in this article we will answer your question, Does it snow on Mount Catherine? And also when it snows there.

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Mount Catherine

Does it snow on Mount Catherine?
Mount Catherine

Before we start answering the question Does it snow on Mount Catherine? We will first need to know the mountain and its historical background briefly. Mount Catherine is the tallest mountain in Sinai, which is more than 2,600 meters above sea level, and from its top you can see the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba.

It is among the holy places in Egypt, and the reason for its sanctity is that it was the place where Saint Catherine was executed. Some sources say that the saint’s body was carried by angels from Alexandria to the top of the mountain, but there are no documented sources about these sayings.

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Does it snow on Mount Catherine?

Does it snow on Mount Catherine?
Does it snow on Mount Catherine?

The answer to the question of our article Does it snow on Mount Catherine? It is yes, since it snows on top of the mountain during the winter. Not only is Mount Catherine in which white snow falls, but the streets of the city during the winter are covered with snow-white in a distinctive scene.

Which basically makes the city of St. Catherine one of the most beautiful winter destinations that you will enjoy visiting a lot during the winter season, unlike the rest of the other Egyptian cities.

When does it snow in Mount Catherine?

After we answered the question Does it snow on Mount Catherine? You might want to know exactly when it snows there. In fact, there is no specific date during the winter when snow falls, but in general snow begins to fall and appears on the top of the mountain and the streets during the period from December to January.

So if you want to enjoy watching the snow falling on the top of Mount Catherine, we recommend that you visit the mountain during the months of December and January.

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The best time to visit Mount Catherine

Regardless of when snow falls on Mount Catherine, in fact, the best time to visit the mountain is during the spring or autumn period. That is, during the months of March, April, or May of each year, during that period you can enjoy a lot in the atmosphere there, away from the bitter cold of winter.

Thus, during your trip, you will be able to enjoy the mountains in a mild and non-cold winter climate, and you can practice various activities there.

The best activities in Mount Catherine

Does it snow on Mount Catherine?
The best activities in Mount Catherine

The last thing we will conclude our article about Does it snow on Mount Catherine? It is the most important activities that you can enjoy there. In fact, there are many unique activities that you can practice and enjoy while you are on Mount Catherine. Here are some of those activities:

  • Hiking Mount Catherine.
  • Camping on top of Mount Catherine.
  • Watch the sunset and sunrise from the top of the mountain.
  • Visiting the areas near the mountain, such as the protected area of Ras Muhammad and Jabal Um Shomer.
  • Climb Mount Catherine and take the most beautiful pictures.

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