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Opal Hotel… Your Way to Enjoy the charm of Nubia

Aswan is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt. More and more tourists are keen to that visit each year. The factor that encourages them not to miss a winter without visiting Aswan is the prestigious hotels they get to stay in. Comfort, luxury, a unique view and high-quality services are the least specifications to find in one of Aswan’s most beautiful hotels, the Opal Hotel.

The Opal Hotel, located in West Suhail, has excellent qualities and a Nile view and a fascinating history. Therefore, if your next tourist destination is Egypt, we highly recommend visiting Aswan and staying in this stunning hotel.

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Opal Hotel

Opel Hotel, a dream coming true

The idea of ​​”Opal” was not a spur of the moment. Instead, it resulted from years of exerted effort and persistence on transforming the dream into a reality, as Adam Al-Masry, founder and owner of the Opal Hotel, told Terhalk.

The idea began when Al-Masry visited Nubia for the first time in 2009.  Since then, he had a dream of building a hotel in Nubia. The building process started in 2014, while it began to receive visitors towards the ending of 2019.

Visitors from 13 different nationalities have been impressed by their experience in the Opel hotel throughout the past couple of years, including; Japan, France, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Yemen, and others.

The story behind the name

They say, “everyone has a share of their name.” So, the hotel name affects how you will feel about it during your stay.

“Opal” means a type of beautiful gemstone, with up to 20% of water, characterized by the milky white color, reflecting colors such as green, red, yellow, brown and black.

The name origin

Opal Hotel novel

Inspired by Dr. Hanan Lashin’s Opal novel, Opal refers to goodness that doesn’t change over the years.

“Opal is a precious and rare stone. Precious stones are difficult to change in their components and manufacture. Thus, we chose this name because, despite the challenges we experienced, we did not intend to change or forget our good and rare origin like Opal,” Al-Masry added.

He added, “I was and still dreaming of having a place where I can honor my guests. Whoever enters this place is, it’s my duty to honor them.”

Different nationalities staying in the Opel Hotel

How to find the Opal Hotel

Opal is located on the main marina in West Suhail in Aswan. You can get there through a private car or a Nile boat.

Why choose the Opal Hotel?

Here are the top reasons why you should choose the Opel Hotel for your stay in Aswan.

Gorgeous view

If you like to wake up in the morning and look from the balcony of your room, you will find a charming view that brings all the positive energy in the world.  You’ll enjoy the fresh, humid breeze and watch the bright color of the Nile with green plants decorating its shore.

When it is time for breakfast, you will enjoy it in the Pharaonic sun boat in the heart of the Nile. The decorations will bring you back to history and authenticity, closer to the culture and traditions of this ancient city.

The walls are painted in cheerful colors besides the writings that express the culture and the artistic heritage of Aswan. Especially Nubia, it is distinguished by the bright colors of buildings and the delightful drawings.

The Opel Hotel view

Amazing pictures for everlasting memories

If you’re a photography lover, you can sit on the colored chairs on the terrace of the hotel, which can accommodate about 30 people, to enjoy a cup of coffee and take great videos and pictures. It’s guaranteed that these pictures won’t only look aesthetic but will also bring back all the memories of the beauty of Aswan whenever seen again.

The Opal Hotel

The best hotel experience

Would you like to stay in a room that reflects the Nubian heritage beauty?

If you would, Opal should be your first choice. When you enter the room, you’ll feel you have returned in time. The comfortable bed, the candles hanging on the walls, the handmade crafts, and the drawings on the walls all express the Nile and the ancient Nubia.

The Nile view will bring you peace and pushes you to deep and quiet sleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow. At night, you’ll find parties, poetry readings and Nubian folklore groups of young people using the “tor”.

The hotel includes 6 rooms, all of which overlook the Nile. All the single, double and triple rooms have a separate bathroom, air conditioning and Wi-Fi access.

Staying in Opal Hotel

Room rates at Opal Hotel

Hotel prices are among its best features. The prices are affordable for everyone, which will definitely suit your budget.

The room rates from October 15 to December 15 are as follows: –

Single room: 700 pounds

Double Room: 950 EGP

Triple room: 1250 pounds

Meals at Opal Hotel

Meal at Opal Hotel


You will enjoy a unique breakfast that you will not find except in Upper Egypt. The people of Upper Egypt are famous for “feteer meshaltet”, “mesh” cheese, and the famous “maltout”, accompanied by hot or iced drinks, as you prefer.

Lunch and dinner

From a short distance from your room, you can smell the chicken, meat, kofta grilled on charcoal, and kebabs. Their taste is even more extraordinary as you can feel the food melts in your mouth. Next to the main course, there’re fresh vegetable casseroles, various soups, salads, and bread.

Photo session for the newlyweds at Opal Hotel

Phot session for the newlyweds

As “Opal” cares about its visitors’ comfort, Opal comes with offers from time to time, among which is a photoshoot for the newlyweds. Newlyweds can wear Nubian clothes, whether Pharaonic, traditional or modern and have the whole day to take pictures with the hotel’s distinctive decorations.

The hotel also offers drinks, mango, karkade or carob, as a gift to the newlyweds in order to maximize their happiness on this unforgettable day.


Several famous Egyptian celebrities have heard of the Opal Hotel’s special treatment felt by everyone who visited the hotel. Moreover, the distinctive view and the meal variations instilled in them the curiosity to see the hotel closely. Accordingly, many celebrities have visited the hotel during the Cinema International Festical, held in December 2019; such as Dalia Mostafa, Ahmed Fahmy and Naglaa Badr.

Day trips “Overday” at the Opal Hotel

Overday at Opal Hotel

Your visit to Opal does not require your full stay. You can spend a day with your family or friends on the hotel terrace enjoying a delicious meal and the iced drinks by the traditional Nubian songs’ tunes.

 * Luxor Overday

* Abu Simbel Over Day

* Edfu and Combo Overday

* Aswan and Nubia

* Fishing trips

* Naser Lake

The prices start at 600 pounds, including guide, transportation and food.

Opal Hotel


Plenty of visitors have written about their experience on “Facebook”. It’s their way to express their admiration for the stay and the delicious meals. Here’s some of them: –

“No words can describe the delicious food. Thank you, Chef Muhammad Abbas! The food was more than perfect and the kids enjoyed it.”

“The day was a masterpiece. The place is beautiful and the food was great. Honestly, it’s a unique and prestigious place.”

“The place is beautiful and the whole family rejoiced with its beauty and delicious food. I enjoyed the calmness of the place and its design. Always the best, Inshallah.”

Iced drinks at Opal Hotel

Contact the hotel

For more information about “Opal”, please visit the hotel’s page on “Facebook” from here.

For more inquiries about booking prices, whether for accommodation or day trips, please contact the following numbers from 9 am until 10 pm:

0102 7745170

0112 0038991

Opal Hotel

If you have visited Opal Hotel before, share your experience with us. If you intend to visit the hotel soon, we wish you a fun trip and a unique experience.
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