Best 6 Activities to do in Cairo during your visit

If you are planning to visit Egypt soon, of course you will head to the capital to visit it, and there are many Activities to do in Cairo to enjoy your time there. Especially since Cairo is full of distinctive tourist and entertainment destinations, which will definitely help you spend a special and enjoyable time while you are in Egypt. In this article, we will show you the best Activities to do in Cairo, and how to enjoy your time there.

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Best Activities to do in Cairo

Cairo is a wonderful place in which many recreational, cultural and historical tourist places meet, and it is considered one of the most important tourism cities in Egypt. Especially since it is the largest Arab city in terms of population, and it is the destination that many visitors have always visited to get to know its distinctive tourist places.

Especially since Cairo has many wonderful gardens and various recreational places. In addition to traditional markets and tourist places. Below we will show you the best 6 activities to do in Cairo:

Visit the Pharaonic village

Pharaonic village

One of the best activities to do in Cairo is to visit the Pharaonic Village, which is considered the best tourist place in Cairo. There, you can learn about Egyptian history and the civilization of the Pharaohs, as well as discover the lifestyles that prevailed in those ages.

Especially since the Pharaonic village simulates ancient villages of the Pharaohs that were present thousands of years ago, which enables you to learn about the prevailing conditions at the time.

Shopping in Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili one of the Activities to do in Cairo

It is not possible to visit Cairo without trying shopping in one of the popular markets there, especially since Cairo has many ancient popular markets. The Khan El Khalili market is one of the famous popular markets in Cairo, which is visited by millions of foreign and local visitors throughout the year.

The Khan El-Khalili market includes exhibits of handicrafts such as copper and woodwork, as well as other antiques and souvenirs. It is one of the best Activities to do in Cairo, and will suit visitors who love to shop for traditional local products.

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Visiting Imam Hussein Mosque

Activities to do in Cairo
Imam Al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Cairo is the Imam Hussein Mosque, which was built during the Fatimid era in the year 1154 AD under the supervision of the righteous minister. The mosque was called by this name due to the belief of some that the head of Imam Hussein is buried there, and you can enjoy touring the mosque a lot.

Take a tour of the Cairo Tower

Activities to do in Cairo
Cairo Tower one of the Activities to do in Cairo

The Cairo Tower provides you with a wonderful view of the city and its neighborhoods. And its height reaches 187 meters, which is higher than the largest pyramid located in Giza.

The tower is located in the heart of Cairo on the island of Zamalek in the Nile River, and includes a unique restaurant at its top, which is located on a rotating platform.

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Visit the Coptic Museum

Activities to do in Cairo
Coptic Museum – one of the Activities to do in Cairo

The Coptic Museum of Ancient Egypt was opened within the boundaries of the Babylon Fortress, the remains of which are located behind the museum building. It is considered one of the tourist areas in Cairo, and many additions occurred to it during the era of the Roman empires.

The number of holdings in the Coptic Museum is about 16,000, and the Coptic Museum is the largest museum in the world for the antiquities of Egypt from the Coptic period.

Walking in the fish garden

The Cairo Aquarium is considered one of the best and oldest gardens there, as it was established in the Khedive era and is located in the Zamalek district of Cairo. The park consists of 49 tanks of diverse and rare fish, and it is suitable for lovers of the sea world and among the best Activities to do in Cairo.

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