Best 4 Cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia

Searching for cheap honeymoon destinations is very important for couples on a limited travel budget who want to find the best countries for their honeymoon. The chosen tourist destination varies according to the nature and desires of the couple, and there are many distinct destinations where an unforgettable honeymoon can be spent at an affordable cost. In this article, we will show you a group of cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia, which will help you and your partner enjoy a special honeymoon with affordable expenses.

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Best Cheap honeymoon destinations

If you and your partner are planning a honeymoon and want an affordable destination, we have prepared for you a list of the best cheap honeymoon destinations that you and your partner can travel to and enjoy at an affordable price:


Cheap honeymoon destinations
India – Cheap honeymoon destinations

India is one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations, which is visited by hundreds of new couples annually with the aim of spending an unforgettable honeymoon. And the cost of traveling to India for a honeymoon remains small and inexpensive, given that India is one of the cheapest tourist countries in Asia in general.

Traveling to India is inexpensive, whether for the purpose of tourism in India or to spend a honeymoon there, as it is ranked among the best countries for cheap honeymoons in Asia. Where India includes a series of the most beautiful tourist places that the couple can visit, such as tourist attractions and wonderful natural landscapes. Here are some of the most beautiful tourist cities to visit in India:

  • Mumbai.
  • Kerala.
  • Delhi.
  • Agra.
  • Bangalore.
  • Kashmir.
  • Kochi.

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Vietnam – Cheap honeymoon destinations

Vietnam is one of the best and cheapest honeymoon countries in the world, which attracts more than 18 million tourists annually. it includes resources and landscapes that made it one of the best and most beautiful cheap honeymoon destinations to experience an atmosphere of romance and love.

Vietnam has an ancient history that extends back hundreds of years, rich in antiquities and unique historical and tourist attractions that have preserved their existence despite the succession of events. Here are the most important places that couples can enjoy visiting in Vietnam while spending their honeymoon there:

  • Halong Bay.
  • Fukuok Island.
  • Thien Mu Temple in Hue.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake.

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Cheap honeymoon destinations

Indonesia is one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations, and there are many places suitable for spending a honeymoon in an atmosphere of excitement and romance. Where Indonesia includes more than 17 thousand islands, including Bali, one of the most famous and best tourist islands in the world suitable for spending a honeymoon.

The cost of traveling to Indonesia for a honeymoon remains appropriate and reasonable, as we can see from the prices and low costs of living there. The thing that makes Indonesia one of the most suitable and best countries to spend an inexpensive honeymoon, and the following are the most prominent islands where couples can spend their honeymoon there:

  • Bali island.
  • Gili Islands.
  • Flores Island.
  • Lombok Island.
  • Sumba Island.
  • Sumatra Island


Cheap honeymoon destinations

Malaysia is classified as one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations to spend a romantic month. It Is full of an atmosphere of love and pleasure that guarantees that the couple will spend one of the most beautiful periods in their lives there.

As it is a suitable tourist destination for couples with an average travel budget, as it is among the cheapest tourist countries in Asia. Couples can enjoy a lot there by discovering wonderful islands, visiting historical old museums, as well as visiting ancient temples and mosques with beautiful designs.

Among the tourist places in Malaysia that foreign tourists who love art and engineering used to visit are:

  • Islamic art museum.
  • The National Museum.
  • The twin towers.

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