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Do UK need visa for Maldives? Best 5 Activities to do there

Do UK need visa for Maldives? This is what many foreigners want to know, especially since the Maldives is the most beautiful destination for spending the most beautiful holidays. There you can have an unforgettable and unrepeatable trip, as the Maldives includes a group of the most beautiful islands in the world. It also has many hotels and tourist resorts where you can enjoy your time a lot. The Maldives is characterized by its stunning scenery and clear blue beaches, and in this article we will answer you about Do UK need visa for Maldives? And we show you the best activities to do while you’re there.

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Tourism in the Maldives

The Maldives is located in the continent of Asia in the south of India and southwest of the island of Sri Lanka, and there are more than 1,000 islands of different sizes. Therefore, the Maldives is called a paradise on earth, with its stunning scenery, clear blue beaches, golden sands, as well as its high-end and luxurious resorts.

Do UK need visa for Maldives?

Do UK need visa for Maldives?

Regarding the question: Do UK need visa for Maldives? The answer is no, as UK nationals do not need to obtain an entry visa. Where the United Kingdom is considered one of the countries exempt from obtaining a visa to enter the Maldives, meaning that it can enter it without a visa.

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The best activities to do in the Maldives

After we answered the question Do UK need visa for Maldives? We will now move on to talking about the best activities that you can do while you are there:

Underwater walking

Do UK need visa for Maldives?
Underwater walking

Underwater walking is one of the water activities in the Maldives, which does not require prior knowledge of swimming. Through it, you will touch the bottom with your legs while wearing an oxygen mask, which allows you to breathe very comfortably under the water.

Thus, the possibility of seeing the ocean floor and various marine creatures, and enjoying a fun adventure while you are underwater in the Maldives.

Banana boat ride

Banana boat

It is an inflatable boat in the shape of a banana, intended for a number of people to ride together, where the team is dressed in raft life jackets, and a boat tows it in the open sea. Which gives an atmosphere of excitement, especially when the boat captain turns the team over with water, takes them out of the sea, and returns them to the boat again.

And it is one of the most beautiful activities that you can do there and enjoy it in the context of our conversation about Do UK need visa for Maldives?

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Jet Ski

Do UK need visa for Maldives?
Jet Ski

As part of our conversation about Do UK need visa for Maldives? And the most important activities there, Jet Ski is the most popular and exciting water sport there. Which gives the visitor an opportunity to go skiing on the net beaches of the Maldives with more excitement and suspense, especially since this sport does not require any skill in driving.

Ride glass water bikes

Do UK need visa for Maldives?
glass water bikes

It is a fun game that looks like a bike and a mini submarine that can be ridden by up to two people, and allows you to dive to the depths.



The Maldives is described as a divers’ paradise, as many diving enthusiasts go to the Maldives to practice their favorite hobby. The Maldives includes many distinctive areas for diving, and it is among the best activities to practice there, in the context of our article on Do UK need visa for Maldives?

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