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It’s Time to Visit Cairo .. Here’s 10 Tips for Unforgettable Trip

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The city is the largest and most congested of Egypt, but it also features many tourist attractions that fit different tastes and ages.

When you visit Cairo, you will definitely notice how it’s characterized by the presence of different types of tourism and easy access to tourist places. Moreover, you will not feel bored at all for the plenty of activities you can enjoy in Cairo. You can transport between cities easily if your vacation allows you to do so.

Hence, we’ll introduce you to some places not to miss when you visit Cairo.

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The Most Important Museums to Go When you Visit Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Introducing the Museum

It is the most important museum to go when you visit Cairo. It features Pharaonic history and the Roman’s and Greek’s, which requires a tourist guide to help visitors, whether Egyptians or foreigners, understand Egyptian history. The museum is distinguished from the outside by building in the Islamic style.

Sections of the Museum

It includes a group of archaeological pieces, which has 150 thousand pieces and is divided into two floors.

Go to the Museum of Islamic Art when you Visit Cairo

Introducing the Museum

It is the largest destinations of tourism in Egypt and the world that relate to the history of the Islamic. It is located in the Bab Al- Khalq area, where you find yourself surrounded by Islamic architecture.

Museum Contents

It contains thousands of archaeological furniture pieces, crockery glass and metal, stones value manuscripts. Information on the various pieces is also available in Arabic and English.

Go to the Coptic Museum When You Visit Cairo

Located next to the fortress of Babylon in the area of Egypt ‘s ancient. It was built in 1910 in an architectural style that reflects the Coptic era. And it is considered one of the most important tourist places in Cairo. It contains about 16 thousand pieces dating back to the Coptic era in Egypt.

The Most Important Landmarks You Need to Go When You Visit Cairo

The Pyramids of Giza

It’s the first destinations for many of the tourists. It also ranks among the Seven Wonders of the World remaining until now for more than 2,500 years,

Sphinx Statue

The Sphinx Statue

It is located in front of the middle pyramid of Khafre and is considered one of the most important and largest archaeological statues. Without seeing it, a visit to the three pyramids of the Giza is not complete.

Saqqara and Memphis

Description of the Tour

Memphis is the first capital of Egypt, where there is the Ramses II Museum, the Old Stepped Pyramid and Imhotep Museum.

It’s only 25 km from Cairo, where you will find ” the city with walls of white “, Museum of Memphis, the statue of Ramses II and the tomb of Saqqara, which is the most important and oldest tombs of the ancient Egyptians. There is also a pyramid of King Djoser where you can enjoy history and architecture.

Important Note: Follow the tourist guide and bring a bottle of water and note that drinks and food is not allowed.

Panorama of the October War in Cairo

Panorama of the October War

It is the most important place for modern tourism which was built in the eighties of the last century. It reviews Panorama details of the war in October through models and performances.

Cairo Tower

Its height is more than 180 meters and a telescope is available too. And there are many restaurants to spend the evening in.

The Pharaonic Village

It is one of the most important touristic places in Cairo for lovers of Pharaonic history where they learn about the civilization of ancient Egypt. It is similar to the original Pharaonic villages at that time, not only in the form but also in the contents.

The International Garden in Cairo

It contains plants and trees from every country in the world. It is a great garden to spend a day in the open air and to learn about the different kinds of plants.

Garden fish in Cairo

It is a garden dedicated to various kinds of rare fish divided into 49 basins. The garden is also characterized by beautiful rock cavities.

The Egyptian Opera House in Cairo

The Egyptian Opera House

It’s part of the National Cultural Center which includes many of the museums and art works in addition to the means of entertainment.

Umm Kulthum Museum in Cairo

It is located inside the Manesterly Palace and includes many of Umm Kulthum’s possessions such as her clothes and accessories, in addition to a collection of gifts were given to her.

Giza zoo

It is the largest zoo in the Middle East and Africa containing a diverse group of animals.

Tahrir Square in Cairo

Tahrir Square

It was earlier called Ismailia square untill 1919 to. It is the heart of the city and has many popular coffee shops.

The Nilometer

It is a meter to measure the Nile in an island near the Manesterly Palace. It was built in 861 AD to predict the flood and to measure tides and low tides. You will enjoy touring the island and the architecture there, which goes back to the twentieth century.

Manial Palace

You will find Manial Palace in the same island which is characterized by ornamented western architecture and European old roof wood, oil paintings and gold decorations. It was built the by King Farouk in the twentieth century.

The Most Important Tourist Places in Old Egypt

Abdeen Palace in Cairo

Abdeen Palace

It is located in the center of the city and deals with the history of the era property in Egypt until the revolution in 1952, through archaeological belongings like weapons. Furthermore, you will enjoy the museum landscape and gardens surrounding it.

Amr ibn al – Aas Mosque in Cairo

It is considered the most important mosques in Egypt.

Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo

Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque

It is known for its minaret and Islamic architecture, which has not changed since its building more than a thousand years ago.

Al Hussein Mosque in Cairo

It is considered one of the oldest mosques in the city ​​and is characterized by a combination of Fatimid and Ottoman architecture. You will enjoy the atmosphere during the month of Ramadan where you can spend the night in cafes and restaurants near the mosque.

Muizz Street in Cairo

Muizz Street

It is considered one of the most important ancient streets in Cairo and includes many of the features of the Islamic architecture going back to the era of the Mamluk, Fatimid and Ottoman.

Castle of Salah al – Din in Cairo

It is considered one the most important tourist places you should go when you visit Cairo. It is characterized by the distinctive architecture that dates back to the era of the Ayyubid state. In addition to palaces and mosques, the castle features the attractive colors that make it a special place for photography lovers.

The Hanging Church in Cairo

The Hanging Church was built without columns on the fortress of Babylon which makes it a unique building.

Khan al-Khalili

Khan al-Khalili

It is a popular market that dates back more than 600 years and is located near the Al- Hussein district. Many Egyptian and foreign tourists go there to buy handicrafts.

Baron Palace in Cairo

It is Located in Heliopolis in Egypt. It was built more than 200 years ago by a Belgian millionaire influenced by the heritage of the India. It consists of 2 floors, 7 rooms and a patio.

Enjoying the River at Night

Nile Trips in Cairo

Whether you prefer small boats or big yachts, will have a fantastic night on the Nile, where you will enjoy the Nile, music and food. It is easy to find these services in areas like Maadi and Zamalek.

Maadi Island in Cairo

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places overlooking the Nile in Cairo where you can enjoy parties and delicious food.

The Most Important Shopping Malls to Consider When You Visit Cairo


It is one of the most important shopping malls you will find when you visit Cairo. It features many international brands, restaurants and cafés. There are also movie theaters, videogames and a kids’ area.

Genena Mall

In addition to the international brands, restaurants and cafes, the mall has a hall dedicated to ice skate.


It is located in Maadi inside Carrefour where you can buy your groceries or electronics while leaving your children in the area assigned to them.


It is the largest modern mall in you can find when you visit Cairo. It has a dancing fountain in addition to the distinctive shopping experience and the new movies in the cinema.

Where to Stay in Cairo

Just as you will find many of the tourist attractions when you visit Cairo, you will also find dozens of luxury hotels overlooking the Nile or even less expensive hotels in relatively close areas.

Transportation to Depend on When You Visit Cairo

Ultimately, it is easy to find tourist places as you can rent a car or rely on taxis. Due to the congestion of Cairo, you will find that the metro is always busy specially during peaks

The Train

The train station is near Ramses Square, where you can go to Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan.

The Bus

You can a rely on buses to navigate between the cities or even between Cairo districts.

Where to Eat When You Visit Cairo

Try Local Food

You’ll find a lot of delicious food which you should not miss. There are a lot of local restaurants in the Downtown and ElHussein, next to luxury restaurants. You’ll also find a variety of restaurants, cuisines which are traditional, Asian and Western.

Grocery Shopping

You can buy groceries from the stalls in the streets, or the markets, as in CityStars Mall, or any separate market, and they are abundant in the streets of Cairo.

In Cairo, you will find different types of tourism. Whether you are a fan of the Pharaonic, Islamic or Coptic history, you will find what attracts you in you visit Cairo. If you love shopping, you will find many of the malls that contain different shops. Therefore, we strongly recommend visiting as many places as possible in your visit to Cairo.

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