Who is building the NEOM city? 5 information you need to know

The features of the city of NEOM have begun to become clear and amazingly developed, but many people are wondering about Who is building the NEOM city? They want to know who is responsible for building the world’s most modern edifice.

Especially since the city of NEOM is set to be the most technologically advanced city in the world, which will provide enormous opportunities and attract the most important talents from around the world to live in and enjoy its benefits. In this article, we will answer your question, Who is building the NEOM city?

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Launching the city of NEOM

Who is building the NEOM city?

The city of NEOM is one of the investment projects implemented by Saudi Arabia in 2017, as part of the activities of the (Future Investment Initiative) forum held in Riyadh.

This project has exceeded the limits of innovation in design, and the project comes within the framework of an ambitious strategy aimed at achieving economic openness. As well as reducing dependence on oil revenues and easing strict social restrictions in Saudi Arabia.

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Who is building the NEOM city?

Who is building the NEOM city?
Prince Mohammed bin Salman – Saudi Crown Prince

As we mentioned, a large number of people want to know Who is building the NEOM city? Especially since the city is a transnational project. It is worth noting that the one responsible for launching the NEOM city project is Prince Muhammad bin Salman Al Saud, the Saudi Crown Prince.

Bin Salman is also considered the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “NEOM” company. Which announced in October 2020 a project to establish a commercial and industrial investment zone on the northwest coast of the Red Sea, bearing the name “NEOM”.

The German Klaus Kleinfeld assumed the leadership of the project at the beginning, but he was recently appointed to the position of advisor to the Saudi crown prince. However, he will retain membership in the founding council of “NEOM”, and that is the sufficient answer to the question: Who is building the NEOM city?

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Entrepreneurs involved in building the city of NEOM

Who is building the NEOM city?
Partners in the city of NEOM

After knowing Who is building the NEOM city? You should also know that there is a group of entrepreneurs who participated in building the city. There are many experienced and competent entrepreneurs in the field of global business, who have sufficient background on mega projects.

Some experienced and competent entrepreneurs have been appointed as members of the advisory board of the “NEOM” project. The members of the advisory board for the “NEOM” project were chosen with great care.

And the following are the most important of those members, according to what was announced:

  • Sam Altman is an American entrepreneur and ranked as the most valuable investor under the age of 30.
  • Marc Andreessen is the Co-Founder and General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Tim Brown the CEO of IDEO.
  • Timothy Collins is the founder and CEO of Ripplewood Advisors L.L.C.
  • Alexandra Cousteau is a senior advisor at Oceana.
  • Norman Foster, founder of Foster + Partners.

In addition to many experts in entrepreneurship and many international experts with experience.

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