Can people live in Neom? 5 reasons to live there

After starting the NEOM project and talking about its huge advantages, many began to wonder about can people live in NEOM? or not. The city of NEOM is one of the newest cities in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started, which will provide a better standard of living based on modern technology and digital methods. In this article, we will answer this question, and present the most important reasons that drive individuals to live there in the future.

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Can people live in NEOM?

Can people live in Neom?
Neom City

Many people wonder about can people live in NEOM? In fact, the answer is yes, as there will be a different and more advanced lifestyle. According to what was announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, this project will move the country and the entire region to innovative new horizons.

Which provides the best living and working standards in the world, and it will truly be the place where the new future of the new Saudi Arabia is made.

Reasons why people can live in NEOM

There are many reasons for answering the question, can people live in NEOM? And it makes people motivated to live there. Below, we will answer your question, can people live in NEOM? Here are 5 reasons why you should live there:

1. NEOM is environmentally friendly

Can people live in Neom?
NEOM is environmentally friendly

One of the most important backstopping answers to can people live in NEOM? Is that that city will be very environmentally friendly. This is because it was built with the latest innovative environmentally friendly technological methods, as:

  • Transportation will be via self-driving cars and planes.
  • Modes of operating and organizing means of transportation will make the city free of pollution and reduce the possibility of traffic accidents.
  • Transportation will operate on the use of renewable energy instead of traditional sources.
  • Homes will be built according to innovative standards so that carbon-neutral buildings are constructed.
  • Roads and places in the city are designed in a way that stimulates walking and using bicycles.

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2. Availability of modern digital technology in NEOM

Can people live in Neom?
Modern digital technology in NEOM

If you are wondering about can people live in NEOM? What makes people think of living there? This reason is good for your motivation. As the city will have modern digital technology, which will make there:

  • Modern robots in the service of individuals who will take over all the hard work on behalf of humans.
  • Modern methods of agriculture, food production and health care.
  • Free networks of high-speed internet for free in the streets and roads.

Thus giving man a better opportunity for creativity and carrying out innovative tasks, and maintaining his level of well-being.

3. Easy navigation and mild weather in NEOM

Among the motivating answers to the question: Can people live in NEOM? The weather is mild in that city. This is because the temperature there will be about 10 degrees Celsius lower than the average temperatures across the GCC.

Which will make this city a unique tourist destination, especially as it allows easy movement through it, thanks to its strategic location.

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4. NEOM is the safest city in the world

NEOM is the safest city in the world

If you are wondering about can people live in NEOM? And what makes people consider living there, that reason is strong to convince you.

NEOM will be the safest city in the world, thanks to the design and employment of the latest international technologies in the field of security and safety. This enables the protection of residents, visitors, and investors, and the preservation of public and personal property in the city.

5. A better standard of living in NEOM

better standard of living in NEOM

The huge investments in the project and the technology used will help create new and diversified jobs. Which will attract global capital and investments, and this will reflect positively on the level of wages and luxury in the city.

It is also planned that there will be a special area excluded from the project that is excluded from the usual laws and regulations of the state, such as:

  • Taxes.
  • The customs.
  • Work rules.
  • Some legal restrictions on the business.

This will give the region the ability to manufacture products and provide services at competitive prices, thus providing a high standard of living and income for the population.So if you are wondering about can people live in NEOM? That reason can serve to convince you to move there in the future.

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