How to visit Saudi with a Free 4-Day Visa with your Ticket?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that it will soon launch the Free 4-Day Visa by your Ticket program, which allows travelers to enter Saudi Arabia without a visa. This is one of the attempts made by Saudi Arabia within the framework of stimulating its tourism, and promoting it as one of the distinguished tourist destinations in the world. In this article, we will discuss all the details about the Free 4-Day Visa and how you can visit Saudi Arabia without a visa.

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What is the program to visit Saudi Arabia with a Free 4-Day Visa?

Free 4-Day Visa
Free 4-Day Visa

It is one of the programs that Saudi Arabia is scheduled to launch in the coming days, which will allow those wishing to travel there without the need to obtain an entry visa. The Free 4-Day Visa program allows visitors to visit Saudi Arabia. Those who wish can stay there for a maximum of 4 days only.

This is done by the traveler booking a flight ticket to Saudi Arabia, after which he can benefit from this program to visit Saudi Arabia or perform Umrah.

How much accommodation is allowed in this package?

Through this program that Saudi Arabia will launch in the coming days, individuals will be allowed to visit Saudi Arabia and stay there for a maximum of 4 days. Is it possible to perform Umrah with a Free 4-Day Visa to visit Saudi Arabia?

Yes, travelers can perform Umrah through this package easily, provided that all requirements and required papers are met. Also, travelers to Saudi Arabia and those wishing to perform Umrah through this program will not need to extract the Umrah barcode.

This is because that visa will be like a transit or transit visa, and Umrah will be performed through it without the need to obtain a prior barcode.

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Is the Free 4-Day Visa to visit Saudi Arabia limited to Jeddah Airport only?

Free 4-Day Visa
Jeddah Airport

Of course not, it operates in all international airports other than Jeddah, but flight ticket prices through Jeddah Airlines will start from 10,000 Egyptian pounds. This means that other lines or international airports other than Jeddah lines will have different ticket costs.

Who is eligible for Saudi Arabia with Free 4-Day Visa program?

Who is eligible for the Saudi Arabia visa program

All travelers from around the world can benefit from the Visit Saudi Arabia program with Free 4-Day Visa. And that is through all Saudi airlines, by only booking a flight ticket through those airlines to Saudi Arabia.

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How to apply for a Free 4-Day Visa to visit Saudi Arabia

Free 4-Day Visa
free umrah visa by saudi airlines

In order for travelers to apply for a Free 4-Day Visa to visit Saudi Arabia or perform Umrah without a visa, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Reservation of a confirmed flight ticket to Saudi Arabia via one of the Saudi Airlines.
  2. A valid passport that is valid for the traveler for a period of not less than 6 months from the date of travel.
  3. Submit 2 recent passport-size photographs of the traveler, which should be clear and with a white background.

What is the price of this 4-day visa?

As we indicated, this program is completely free for all travelers, they will only need to purchase a flight ticket there through Saudi Arabian Airlines. On average, airline tickets to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within this program (Cairo / Jeddah / Cairo) start from 10 thousand Egyptian pounds per person.

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