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What are five popular foods? Best 5 dishes in the world

You may have thought about the question, What are five popular foods? Especially since every country has a distinctive popular food that it is famous for. Despite the diversity of countries and their different levels of well-being, each country has one or more popular foods that distinguish it from other countries. 

Especially since a large percentage of tourists may go to visit a particular country, not for the purpose of tourism and sightseeing, but rather for the purpose of trying popular food there. In this article, we will answer your question, What are five popular foods?

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What are five popular foods?

Every country in the world has a set of famous and popular dishes that distinguish it, which is also one of the tourist attractions to it. Below, we will show you 5 popular foods from a number of countries, and answer your question, What are five popular foods? in detail:

Fattoush in Lebanon

Fattoush – What are five popular foods?

As part of our conversation about What are five popular foods? We’ll start our list with the Lebanese dish Fattoush. It is one of the basic popular dishes in Lebanon, and this dish consists of a group of vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Soaked and filtered bulgur is added to it, along with pieces of shami bread fried in oil with a set of distinctive spices.

Onion soup in France

What are five popular foods?
Onion soup

It is one of the basic French dishes for lunch, which is preferred by many people, not only the French, but the dish is originally popular in France. In our conversation about What are five popular foods? Onion soup dish comes, which is classified as a popular dish in France.

It consists of a large quantity of onions simmered completely for a long time, until all the stored sugar has come out. And after adding the broth, then the cream and spices, the bread is toasted and added to the soup with a little cheese.

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Burger in the USA

Burger – What are five popular foods?

The most famous fast food in the entire world is the delicious burger, but in fact it is one of the most popular dishes famous in America. The American burger, as one of the popular dishes there, consists of minced meat with a little soybeans, fat and spices added to it.

This meat mixture is shaped into round discs, then cooked on the grill for a few minutes, ready to be served. And it is placed with white bread and slices of vegetables layers on top of each other, with the addition of ketchup and mayonnaise sauce.

Pasta in Italy

What are five popular foods?

Among our answers to What are five popular foods? Delicious pasta dishes come, a popular dish of Italian origin. There is no country in the world that can make pasta dishes with a delicious and unique taste like Italy, and all countries have taken it as one of their basic dishes.

And the pasta there is made from a dough that is made from white flour, eggs and water, and then many different shapes are made from it. when cooked, different sauces are added to it, sometimes red sauce, and Italians add basil to give it a distinctive flavor.

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Green Molokhia in Egypt

What are five popular foods?
Green Molokhia

We can’t talk about What are five popular foods? Not to mention the green Molokhia in Egypt. It is one of the most important authentic Egyptian popular dishes, which Egyptian cuisine masters in cooking with an unparalleled taste.

It consists of green Molokhia leaves ground into a paste form, then the soup is placed on it with the addition of chicken broth. Then a mixture of local ghee is made with garlic and coriander, and molokhia is placed after adding soup and broth to it.

Then the mixture is mixed together to take the shape of a thick soup, and you will find its aroma and taste filling the place and its taste like no other.

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