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Saqqara Historic Treasure .. 100 Wooden Coffins and Gold Masks Found Untouched

The ancient land of Saqqara is still full of secrets and treasures. The hands of the Egyptian archaeological mission found closed coffins dating back 2500 BC, in addition to statues and tombs of kings, senior statesmen and priests.

Surprisingly enough, most of the monuments were found in a good condition and untouched by tomb robbers.

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Saqqara Monuments

Monuments of Saqqara

Saqqara was an ancient burial cemetery for the very first kings of the first Pharaonic dynasty, which is revealed by the pyramid of Djoser, the most important archaeological landmark in the Saqqara region. The pyramid of Djoser is considered the tomb of King Djoser II, who ruled at the beginning of the third dynasty.

The area also includes tombs for priests such as the unique tomb of “Wah Tye” priest. Most importantly, it contains a special cemetery for the kings’ wives as funeral inscriptions were found inside the cemetery.

Eventually, wells used to bury mummies of cats, lions and crocodiles were found beside the kings and the statesmen.

The Discovery Area

The largest Archaeological Discovery

At the end of 2020, the Ministry of Antiquities celebrated the discovery of the largest archaeological discovery in the Saqqara region with the extraction of 100 wooden coffins dating back 2500 BC. All coffins are decorated with hieroglyphic inscriptions, colors and masks of mummies’ faces.

The discovery also unveiled 40 wooden statues of the god of the Saqqara “Sokar”, two wooden statues, golden-colored masks, shabti statues and amulets.

Wodden Coffins

Wooden Coffins

Although 2020 concludes with a discovery considered by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to be the largest, at the beginning of last October, 59 colored coffins were found inside underground wells, all in good conditions. The coffins belong to senior statesmen and priests from the 26th family.

Wah Tye Priest of Saqqara Cemetery

Special Halls in the Grand Egyptian Museum

The newly discovered coffins will be displayed in the Grand Egyptian Museum to be opened in the first quarter of 2021. The dedicated hall is opposite to the hall of the Asasif cache, which was found by the Egyptian archaeological mission in 2019 in Luxor Governorate. It contains about 32 closed coffins of priestesses and priests belonging to the 22nd family.

Saqqara Discovery

New Discoveries in 2021

As Saqqara area is believed to contain more hidden treasures, the third-largest archaeological discovery will be announced soon this year uncovering a manufacturing workshop for the ancient wooden coffins as stated by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

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