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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the National Museum of Oman

The National Museum of Oman is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Sultanate of Oman, specifically in the capital Muscat. The museum displays legacies of the Omani heritage from the ancient human settlement of the Omani Peninsula from two million years ago to this day.

The total area of ​​the museum is approximately 13700 square meters.

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When was the National Museum of Oman opened?

The National Museum of Oman was inaugurated in 2016.  It composes of a large hall and 14 smaller halls that contain many valuable items.

The establishment of the museum was carried by a group of archeologists from several countries.

The National Museum of Oman

The National Museum of Oman is one of the most important tourist attractions

The National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman is one of the most important tourist and cultural attractions in Muscat. The aim is to spread cultural and educational awareness as it contains various exhibits of the Omani heritage since ancient times.

The museum is considered the first museum in the Sultanate to contain a learning center, in addition to housing a large UHD exhibition hall. Each of the fourteen halls of the National Museum of Oman is exhibiting uniquely different items.

These halls display a large number of exhibits showing the history of the Sultanate and its people and nature. Some of which may be more than 3000 years old, in addition to items belonging to the Islamic era, the Renaissance and other eras. There is also a collection of shields, weapons and currencies from diverse periods.

The National Museum of Omana is an important tourist attraction

Features of the National Museum of Oman

You will find beside the museum a restaurant and a café serving a variety of snacks and hot and cold drinks. There is also a shop selling antiques and souvenirs.

What distinguishes the museum even more is that it is located in the center of the capital Muscat, near famous natural landmarks, such as the Corniche of Muscat and the Gulf of Oman coast.

The National Museum of Oman

Activities you can do at the National Museum of Oman

You can wander among the 14 galleries, each holding a different name according to the kind of the exhibits.

For example, there is an exhibition called Land and People dedicated to the Omani people, Omani land and desert life. Another exhibition is called prehistory, which includes ancient times dating back to 3000 BC. There is also an exhibition called “Islamic Masterpieces” that sheds light on the impact of introducing Islam to Oman.

The National Museum of Oman

The exhibition of shields and weapons includes exhibits of weapons that were used in previous Omani eras. Above are a few examples, there are many other exhibitions each dedicated to displaying specific parts of the ancient Omani heritage.

The museum also displays ancient modern jewelry, as well as large-scale exhibits from Omani ships. Besides, you will find interactive displays telling the history of Oman overall its periods in a sophisticated way.

Thus, we have finished talking about the National Museum of Oman. We recommend that you put it on your list as it is indeed one of the best tourist destinations in Muscat, Oman. We guarantee that this visit will be the best experience ever.

The National Museum of Oman

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