Conditions for Camping in Egypt 2021

Camping in Egypt- Camping has a unique pleasure that a person will surely never forget as it is an adaptation to the wildlife in the midst of life’s hectic days. This experience will grant you the perfect opportunity of having some peaceful time that you never knew you needed.

Your camping journey will include enjoying the sky covered with stars and the gentle breeze of air that caresses you and makes you feel comfy, in addition to the traditional bonfires that you get to experience.

When you return from the camp, you will notice the difference as you will be filled with positive energy and feeling new from inhaling the fresh air, and by being exposed to the perfect amount of sunlight that your body needs to restore its activity. This makes camping the perfect place to have some quality and relaxing time with your friends and family.

In this article you will get introduced to the best places where you can camp in Egypt.

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Camping Places in Egypt

There are many places suitable for camping in Egypt that are enhanced with large areas and attractive landscapes, far from crowded locations with huge populations and the advanced technological life.

Some of these places are the following.

Faiyum Oasis, Camping in Egypt

Faiyum Oasis, Camping in Egypt

This camping place is considered as one of the most famous oasis in Egypt in which you can enjoy camping during your holidays.

There are multiple sources of enjoyment in the Faiyum Oasis which include watching the small lakes and the flow of waterfalls, skiing on the soft sand dunes that resemble scattered golden pieces on the ground, and getting lost in the beauty of the starry sky in the evening. Let us also not forget about the amount of fun that you will get from the relishing night party held at this place!

The Faiyum Oasis is distinguished by being close to Cairo, which is filled with residential life, however, it is the complete opposite from Cairo since the oasis is embraced by a peaceful and quite environment.

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The Black Desert, Camping in Egypt

The Black Desert, Camping in Egypt

The Black Desert is one of the strangest camping deserts in Egypt because its sand is characterized by a black color and not by the usual yellow color that we are used to see in other deserts.

You can visit this place and enjoy the view of this divine miracle, which is also known as the black volcanic hill, and is located between the White Desert and the Bahariya oasis; however it is much closer to the Bahariya Oasis.

The White Desert, Camping in Egypt

The White Desert, Camping in Egypt

This place is also one of the most popular areas for camping in Egypt, which is famous for the huge chalky rock available there. The White Desert has several rocks and shapes made out of sand that got formed as a result of the sandstorms in this area which is very close to the Farafra Oasis.

The Blue Hole, Camping in Egypt

The Blue Hole, Camping in Egypt

The Blue Hole area is a vertical cave which is 10 kilometers deep in the city of Dahab. This cave resulted from the fall of a meteorite, making it a unique camping spot in one of the most wonderful areas in this city. You will surely enjoy camping in this place because of the mesmerizing blue waters of the Red Sea which will be surrounding you, and where you can enjoy its coral reefs and rare marine creatures during the Blue Hole’s diving tour that you get to experience.

Abu Galum Protected Area, Camping in Egypt

Abu Galum Protected Area, Camping in Egypt

Abu Galum Protected Area is located next to the city of Dahab, and it is one of the best places for camping. This place is isolated from the human life as there is no modern means of transportation, so you can reach to it only by camel, on foot, or by sea. Being away from the crowded means of life is a benefit since you get to enjoy the intense relaxation in this area under a sky full of stars in the middle of the distinctive Sinai desert which has an ocean in front of it. What a beautiful way of relaxation isn’t it?!

The Blue Lagoon, Camping in Egypt

The Blue Lagoon, Camping in Egypt

You can camp in the Blue Lagoon, as it is an area characterized by a calm surrounding. The Abu Galum Protected Area is close to the Blue Lagoon, since it is a pathway that extends through the blue waters and coral reefs, providing you with a great deal of comfort and a romantic atmosphere at the same time.

Ras Shaitan, Camping in Egypt

Ras Shaitan, Camping in Egypt

To experience the Bedouin life, you should visit the Ras Shaitan camp which is located on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba, in the city of Nuweiba. This place has several camps of a Bedouin type, where you get to experience living between the mountains and even climbing them. You can also enjoy wandering among the rocky valleys, attending barbecues under the reflection of the moonlight, igniting fires, and even watching segments of Bedouin dances which are held there. In this experience, you get to live in a complete Bedouin environment, which deprives you from your usual means of life and teaches you how to enjoy life in its simplest form.

Conditions for Camping in Egypt

Since you will be camping in a natural environment, there are some conditions set by the Ministry of Environment in order to preserve nature. In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 102 of the year 1983 regarding natural reserves, and Resolution No. 264 of the year 1994, which got amended by Resolution No. 2728 of the year 2015 regarding the rules and conditions for practicing activities in these protected areas.

The camping conditions are the following:

  1. Abide by the instructions of protected area and its working team.
  2. Do not burn any waste at the camp site, as it must be disposed by safe environmental methods as instructed by the protected area’s management.
  3. Camps should be easy to install and disassemble.
  4. The camp should not be in valleys or near dams.
  5. Leave a distance of at least one meter between each camp in order to allow privacy in the neighboring camps.
  6. Do not do anything that affects the integrity of the soil.
  7. Do not uproot or destroy the wild crops and plants.
  8. Use dry baths only.
  9. Preparing places designated for igniting fires is preferable to be of refractory bricks (fireproof).
  10. Provide adequate lighting inside and around the camp.
  11. Make shades from wood.
  12. The voice limits should not exceed the permissible limit according to Law 4 of the year 1994, as amended by Law 9 of the year 2009.
  13. It is prohibited to use the alarm machine and loudspeakers inside the protected area.
  14. Do not use hazardous and toxic materials.
  15. There should be an individual inside the camp who has a first aid certificate.
  16. You should park your cars only in places marked with a (P) mark, and it is forbidden to stop the car in the pitfalls.

Benefits of Camping

Camping can be used as a way to take a break from your modern hectic life and by replacing it on your days off with camping in the midst of nature which will help in reducing your stress.

Some of the benefits of camping.

Camping in nature, away from the modern life and car exhaust, helps you in breathing in an adequate amount of fresh air that will make you feel energetic. The more oxygen a human body receives will assist in the removal of carbon dioxide which will be physically beneficial to you as it helps with digesting, improving blood pressure and strengthening the immune system.

Camping with your family or friends, will serve as a way of maintaining a healthy relationship with them, as there is a study confirming that socialization can prolong life and helps in reducing memory problems. This will get you closer to them on a personal level and make your camping experience unforgettable.

Have you ever tried camping before? Tell us about your camping experience and the benefits that you derived from it.

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