The Sultanate of Oman .. Top 5 Most Famous Landmarks

The landmarks of the Sultanate of Oman are the main reason it became one of the best tourist destinations of all time. It is famous for its beautiful nature, mountains, beaches and ancient monuments dating back centuries.

Oman’s government is keen to offer entertainment options especially for families where they can camp and enjoy the warm sunny weather.

Oman has the highest possible quality hotels that appeal to all visitors from different backgrounds. Thus, visitors who prefer the best accommodation to relax will easily find plenty of options.

Below, you will know about the most famous landmarks of the Sultanate of Oman which will aid you in planning your trip.

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Sultanate of Oman Tourist Attractions

Tourism in Bahla

The origins of “Bahla Fort” go back to the Bani Nabhan tribe which is about 200 km from the capital, Muscat. It is characterized by the palm trees and the great wall surrounding it from outside.

Tourism in Bahla

This city is one of the best tourist attractions of the Sultanate of Oman with remarkable monuments such as the Jameh Mosque, the Great Wall of the Oasis and the local market.

Moreover, it enjoys a variety of local restaurants and huge commercial centers offering handmade products made of pottery, textile and other materials.

The Archaeological Landmarks of the Sultanate of Oman

The Ancient city of Nizwa

It was formerly the original capital of Oman. It is considered one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of the Sultanate of Oman.

Nizwa is a large city that includes many distinctive castles and ancient historical sites, as well as various galleries and museums. Nizwa is famous for its history and culture as it’s the oldest city of Oman.

Ancient City of Nizwa

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House of the Sultanate of Oman was inaugurated in 2011 to be the very first opera house opening the Gulf countries. The opera hall accommodates about 1100 people. It hosts many operatic, theatrical and musical concerts from the Sultanate and various countries.

Besides, it hosted many important conferences. It’s composed of a large theater hall next to a cultural market, restaurants and shops, in addition to the gardens.

Oman’s Royal Opera House

Landmarks of the Sultanate of Oman in Muscat

Al Sahwa Garden in Muscat

Al Sahwa Garden is considered one of the most prestigious landmarks of the Sultanate of Oman located in Muscat. If you’re planning to visit the Omani capital, make sure to visit its wonderful gardens.

The garden is distinguished by its inclusion of several independent gardens with different designs that attract the eyes of whoever sees them. Each garden own plants that are different from others.

The whole garden is inspired by a specific system taken from Islamic engineering. It is surrounded by a huge wall while the middle of it is a large courtyard called “Al Sahwa Square”. 

The garden offers its visitors the necessary facilities, basic services and games for children.

Al Sahwa Garden

Jabrin Castle

It was built in 1675. It is one of the most famous landmarks of the Sultanate of Oman. It was built by Imam Bil Arab bin Sultan Al Yarubi, an imam who loved arts and poetry. It is characterized by unique decorations especially on the walls and the distinctive fonts used in poetry that all visitors admire.

Jabrin Castle

Mutrah Souq

It is one of the most beautiful family destinations in Oman. It is located on the Corniche of Mutrah. It is characterized by amazing handicraft designs, antiques, traditional devices, and many more.

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